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What is LiquidPalooza?
LiquidPalooza is a LAN party hosted by TeamLQD of Tulsa, OK. LiquidPalooza LAN parties have existed in spirit since 1997 though the term was not officially used to describe the gatherings until 2005; The birth of LiquidPalooza 1.0.

When is LiquidPalooza?
A major revision of LiquidPalooza (1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc) is always hosted in October during Columbus Day weekend. Historically, a minor revision (1.5, 2.5, 3.5, etc) is usually hosted in February during Presidents Day weekend.

Where is LiquidPalooza?
Liquidpalooza is hosted in Tulsa,OK or one of the surrounding suburbs.

Why those dates?
A few different reasons actually. The weather in October is usually nice and cool which helps when you have rooms full of space heaters we call our CPU's. A large majority of the people who attend LiquidPalooza observe federal holidays; Columbus Day is one of those holidays that people do not have conflicting plans. Also, most new games are released in the fall time frame.

As for February, the weather is usually still cool. There are also games that are usually released in November, just shy of our October gathering. February is also one of those months that contains a holiday that does not conflict with most people's plans - President's Day. Also, we are usually still hungry for more LAN gaming goodness after October's gathering.

What games are played?
This list is posted in advance and new games are added as they are released. The game list is primarily a mix of first person shooters and real time strategy games.

So I need to have all the games on the list?
No, that is not required. However, it is recommended that one have the games marked as "primary" in order to have the most enjoyment as these are the games we will spend the most time playing.

May I play World of Warcraft at the LAN party?
You may, just be prepared to catch a little flak. :) A majority of the attendees are WoW players, but the focus of the LAN party are games of the Strategy, Real Time Strategy, and First Person Shooter genre. However, there are periods of "downtime" where there are smaller groups of people playing random games together. 

What URL's can be used to access this website?
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How do I contact a member of TeamLQD?
Email k1DBLITZ at: k1DBLITZ@teamlqd.com