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LP 5.0 & BIGFOOT Networks!

posted Sep 16, 2010, 5:30 PM by Jaired Anderson   [ updated Sep 26, 2010, 8:07 AM ]
I am honored to inform everyone that BIGFOOT Networks will be sponsoring LiquidPalooza 5.0! One lucky attendee will win a Killer 2100 gaming NIC! (Must be present to win.)

Killer™ 2100 is the only gigabit network card designed from the ground up for online games. 

Simply install Killer™ 2100 into your PC, plug your network cable into it and you are ready to go.  Now, Killer™ 2100 will detect game traffic as it enters your PC, prioritize it over all other network traffic, and get it to and from your game faster than any other network card.

Killer™ 2100 delivers game traffic up to ten times faster than any other network card.  Fast game traffic means faster kills, extra loot and more wins in all your online games.


Gaming Network Card? Yeah, Right…

Yes, a Gaming Network Card. Your “dumb” NIC relies on Windows and your CPU to do all of its work – when Windows and your CPU should be running your game. See the graph to the right? During a game, a “dumb” NIC can have huge, unpredictable latency spikes. Killer™ 2100 has latency in MICROseconds. Which means your bullet gets on the wire first. In short – pwnage.



So How Does It Work?

Game Networking DNA. We detect game data at the wire using our Game Detect Technology. We offload that data to the Network Processing Unit (NPU) on Killer™ 2100. Offloaded traffic goes around Windows for tremendous speed benefits. Which means bullets, spells and grenades get to you faster so you can get out of the way, and get to your enemies faster so they can’t.



Unleash Your Fast CPU and Internet Connection

You’ve got a fast CPU with more cores than some people have teeth. You’ve got a FAT Internet connection with bandwidth to download a dictionary every millisecond. But you’re still making that CPU drop everything to answer the phone when it comes to network traffic. Why glue your PC and broadband connection together with 65 cents worth of dumb connectors?


Follow the links below to learn more about the unmatched performance, intelligence and control you get when you install Killer™ 2100.







- Gigabit Ethernet
- 400 Mhz Network Processing Unit
- 128MB RAM
- PCIe
- Killer Network Manager Software Suite